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Goldendoodles are an exciting hybrid dog which have been bred in North American and Australia since the early 1990's. Originally bred to provide service animals with a reduced likelihood of shedding or allergy concerns, the Goldendoodle has become a popular breed due to the personality and traits of the dogs themselves.

Goldendoodle puppy motherGolden Retrievers are known for their willing, adaptable and easy-going natures. They are easy to train and very strong, however they do have a high energy level which may require more attention than some other breeds. They are devoted companions; happy and trustworthy, and "ideal" family dog.

Poodles are known for their intelligence, strength, poise and endurance. They are common show dogs and are equally comfortable in the arena as they are sitting around home with the family.

Golden Retriever + Poodle = Goldendoodle

When you take the traits of a Golden Retriever and cross them with those of a Poodle, the resulting dog is likely to be faithful, intelligent, loyal, energetic, fun and full of life. Easy to train and exceptionally smart, the Goldendoodle is an ideal choice for a family companion or a highly-skilled service dog.

So proud of our 2014 pup, Jazz, trained and performing at the Ultimate Air Dogs competition in March 2015!
goldendoodle puppy

How do Goldendoodles do with infants, children, & families? Look at our pup, Toby, and his "little brother"!

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We love introduce this wonderful breed to other dog enthusiasts. The combination found in uniting Golden Retrievers & Poodles provides a special animal, the Goldendoodle. Our desire is to tell you more about the breed and to find loving, responsible homes for our Goldendoodle puppies.

There's a lot of information here for you, so take your time and read through our web site to learn more about the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, and the Goldendoodle. You'll find a bit about their breed, their characteristics, as well as some of the responsibilities that you must assume in ownership.

After reading the information, if you are interested in adding a Goldendoodle puppy to your family, please fill out the online adoption form and submit your deposit. We ship to approved homes nationwide, so don't let your location keep you from applying.


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Golden doodles and Goldendoodle puppies are great hybrid pets and are similar to labradoodle puppies. We have people from different areas in California and Arizona interested in our Goldendoodle puppies including Los Angeles California Goldendoodles and Phoenix Arizona Goldendoodles. If you live in CA or AZ and are outside of the San Diego California area but want a Goldendoodle puppy, we are able to ship our golden doodle puppies to other areas and other states. San Diego California goldendoodles, Los Angeles California golden doodles, Phoenix Arizona goldendoodles.